Good Energy and Zap-Map will offer EV drivers free electricity

The green power company will launch a tariff that offers EV drivers to charge their cars for free.

In partnership with UK's leading EV mapping service Zap-Map, Good Energy has launched a new method of providing affordable electricity will be known as the “Zap Flash” tariff, which will include "flash windows" based on periods when the UK generates a large amount of solar and wind power.

When this occurs, the tariff will alert drivers to a four-hour window when charging their vehicle will come at no extra cost, and entirely backed by Good Energy’s 100% renewable electricity supply.

This 'flash period' will vary in day every week, although the times will remain very much the same in the summer and winter months, although the times will remain very much the same in summer and winter months; the Summer Flash Period will run from April to September between 11am and 3pm, while the Winter Flash Period will run from October to March between 11pm and 3am.

Top executives within both parties have expressed enthusiasm about the new tariff, with CEO of Good Energy Juliet Davenport stating "Britain generates so much renewable electricity it only makes sense for us all to take advantage of this free resource. The new ‘flash’ tariff will offer people the chance to benefit from free, green power when the wind and sun are strongest."

CEO of Good Energy Juliet Davenport and COO of Zap-Map Melanie Shufflebotham

CEO of Good Energy Juliet Davenport and COO of Zap-Map Melanie Shufflebotham

Meanwhile, COO of Zap-Map Melanie Shufflebotham stated, "This innovative tariff is supporting these seismic shifts by offering drivers a cheaper and greener way of charging their vehicle". She also elaborated on the rising presence of EVs in the UK, stating "There will be over 70 pure electric models available to buy in 2021 and the UK now has close to 500,000 plug-in vehicles on the road."

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Comments (3)

  • That’s good however conversely when there is high demand for electric it will be really expensive. Electricity will be the commodity.

    If you can get the car smart enough to only charge when it’s free then that would be perfect. This type of scheme would work better on a car share scheme.

      1 month ago
  • Brilliant idea. Even more so, now that I've purchased my first EV, a first edition Nissan Leaf. I never imagined being able to afford an EV, but I've found one I can afford (on the never never) and they are becoming upgradeable as the newer, longer range versions get crashed and Weald up their battery packs. For all the rather primitive nature of Nissan's battery technology, they're all holding up far better than ever imagined as well as being very fixable (battery wise) if a cell goes bad. Since I'm essentially retired, my journeys are mostly local, infrequent and the few longer ones won't have any need for haste. It may seem a bit silly to most people, me being rather old and decrepit, getting excited by an old EV, but I really am. People like this business, will enable me to drive so much more often, even those journeys just a bit too far to walk or ride a bicycle. When you live on a modest, fixed income, this becomes vastly more important to your life that it is for a 'normal' person.

      1 month ago
  • Interesting article

      1 month ago