- No images have been released of the new variant, however, we can guess that it will look very similar to the other 718 models.

Good news - A light weight Cayman is here!

35w ago


What does the letter “T” mean to you? Well, to Porsche, it means a lighter, more agile version of a model already in production. Last year, they came out with the 911 Carrera T. This was a normal Carrera that was 10kg lighter than the commoner model and slightly rawer.

Good news to those that liked that one as Porsche have done it again. In fact, next year has been announced as the release of the 718 Cayman T. According to sources, the new variant will feature all the usual weight saving upgrades you would expect including an infotainment system delete, thinner glass, and the now world-famous fabric door handles available in the GT models. It is expected that all these changes will help save around 20kg.

The rear wheels will reportedly be powered by the standard 2.5 litre turbocharged engine in a boxer configuration. This will allow the car to have around 360bhp, not bad for a car weighing 1,630kg.

Apparently, the car will come as standard with many optional extras from the usual variants such as the sports exhaust, lowered ride height thanks to the Sports Chrono package and larger, sticky tyres.

Why is this car coming?

Just like when the 911 Carrera T came out, I’m left wondering what the point of this model is. In fact, all the additional extras to the car are available as optional extras in the other Cayman variants, the weight loss isn’t particularly huge and if you want a raw version of the Cayman, we are bound to see the arrival of the new 718 Cayman GT4 which has been seen testing on the Nürburgring. Obviously, the price difference will be quite big between this and the GT4.

What do you think of this model? Is it a waste of time, or is there an actual market for this car?