Good News! It's the convertible Dacia Duster

James May will be thrilled

Car makers have routinely tried to sell us convertible SUVs and they've always more or less failed. Nissan gave us the cosmetically challenged Murano Convertible and Land Rover gave it a go with the Convertible Evoque, which was kinda funky but still failed because, well, no one actually bought one. VW recently introduced the Convertible T-Roc and now, lo and behold, here comes the James May-approved convertible...Duster! Good news!

The convertible Duster is made in Bucharest by a Romanian tuner called Auto K9 and I want to stress from the outset that this is not a 3D rendering or anything like that, this is an actual car which can be driven in the real world. Amazing. The conversion took about four months and it cost over €30,000 (around £27k or $36).

They began by removing the rear doors and fitting a soft top that retracts into the boot. There are also new fender flares, bigger wheels, a cross car behind the seats for added rigidity, a new radiator grille and new fog lamps.

You gotta give them credit for really pushing the envelope with this one because the interior looks equally crazy. The seats and the dashboard have been reupholstered with leather, which is expected, but then you've got natural wood for the boot lid and the floor and a completely reshaped centre console with a massive tablet-style infotainment display. Kudos to them, yo.

The company didn't say anything about engine specs but that's not the point here. This is a one-off project and I absolutely adore it. I'm gonna be dreaming about pulling up outside the Vega Hotel in Mamaia with Romanian rap music on the radio.

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