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Good news! Tesla will fix the rust problems of (some) Tesla Model 3.

This couldn`t be any better news for the owners of (Some) Tesla Model 3.

32w ago


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More than 7 weeks ago Owners of the Tesla Model 3 reported multiple problems with their expensive cars, among the problems reported thin layers of paint and badly adjusted panels made the cars weak to gravel pebbles which could tear off the paint causing the metal to be exposed to the elements and end up rusting in a early mileage..

At first, Tesla didn`t acknowledge the problem and the most strong fans of the brand went on to straight accuse the owners of the cars saying they had caused the damage themselves and they should pay for it, However for Joni Salvolainen and some other owners of the Tesla Model 3 there`s good news to be heard today since there`s been a change of mind from part of Tesla Motors..

These issues have the days counted in some Model 3.


In the video shown above we can see the magnitude of the problems that Salvolainen reported 7 weeks ago in his Tesla Model 3, you could see the traces of rust on the car`s bodywork including the paint that was easily torn off by small pebbles of gravel, these issues on a relatively low mileage Model 3 were a huge headache to many Model 3 owners affected by this recall.

However thanks to the video sent out by M. Shumaher in which he shown the rust problems on his Model 3 painted in white by a bad fit of the front fender which scrapped against the monocoque body of his car. Tesla has finally agreed to repair the problem at no cost being unclear whether the car was under warranty or not, however this has made the Californian brand to admit in a indirect manner that the problem is a manufacturing defect by fixing the car up and later the owner M.Shumaher released a video explaining the US brand fixed his car up at no cost.

However for Joni Salvolainen and other owners of the Tesla Model 3 afected by this recall worldwide It is unknown if the American brand will agree to repair all of the Model 3 afected by the issue of thin layers of paint & Badly fitted pannels, so far it is known that (some) model 3 will have this manufacturing defect fixed up soon.

Do you think this Issue will be solved soon? Let me know in the comments below!


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  • This company is so like British Leyland great ideas but crap build quality. Can't wait for the UK's winter salty roads to claim a few.

      7 months ago
  • Build quality of a 1995 Dodge Neon.....

      7 months ago
  • error 101 primer coating not found

      7 months ago
  • Couldn’t they just give the car a grille, even if it is purely cosmetic? It really looks like the designers left the front end to the last minute then lost interest completely.

      7 months ago
  • Socialist cars always rust, it doesn't matter if they are made is USSR 1950s UK 1970s Italy 1980s or US 2019...

    Don't buy cars from communists :)

      7 months ago
    • Stalinium always rusts earlier than pure steel 😂

        7 months ago