Good news! The all-metal G-Shock 'Casioak' is finally here

Well, when I say 'all' metal...

The G-Shock GA2100 was launched in 2019 and three things happened in close sequence: 1. it was renamed the 'Casioak' by fans, mostly because the Royal Oak-like octagonal bezel, 2. it sold out within days and 3. people began modding it by removing the carbon core case and the rubber band, replacing them with metal equivalents.

The internet is awash with pre-ready modded metal Casioak and torrents of aftermarket kits to convert your all-plastic* Casioak into an all-metal one, which begs a question: "why hasn't G-Shock released an all-metal version of the Casioak yet?" Well, here it is.

It's called the GM-2100 and it is exactly as advertised: same module as the GA-2100, same shape, similar size, but it's made from metal. Except for the rubber band, which was replaced with... another a rubber band. There are four colourways available - blue, army green, red and grey, with matching bands.

Pricing? We don't know. The GA2100 retails for €99 / £99 and following an initial frenzy which saw the price spike, you can now find it even cheaper (£70 from Amazon) but now that there's a new metal one, the price may go down some more.

As for the GM-2100, G-Shock said it is going to be priced 'in line with half-metal G-Shocks', so I think we're looking at a £250-299 price tag.

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Comments (14)

  • There are only ever two watches, really: the fancy one for dressing up and a G-Shock. For most people, that's the maximum count they can have. Corollary: a cheapo quartz watch and smartwatch.

      10 days ago
    • haven't worn my G-Shock for a couple years now. Not since I bought my first Seiko...

        8 days ago
    • Mine is still in its box! I've got a selection of Rolex/Omega/Tudor etc so wanted something cheaper for when I'm working on the car. Never worn it though! That being said, I do fancy getting one of these...? Confusing brains.

        8 days ago
  • the idea to have user-replaceable cases is nothing short of great

      8 days ago
  • I like the red. Easiest to read.

      10 days ago
  • Good news! The all-metal G-Shock 'Casioak' is finally here @tribe

      10 days ago
  • Okay I want this watch now

      7 days ago