Good news! The 'MFB' Bentley is NOT going to be scrapped after all

As confirmed by Bentley themselves

A few weeks ago, I learnt that the MFB, the heavily modified Bentley Continental GT that Jeremy used in the Grand Tour Massive Hunt film, was going to be scrapped. Jeremy himself admitted it was to happen. This is what he wrote in the Sunday Times*:

"I fell so deeply in love with that car that I decided I'd bring it back to the farm," Jeremy said. "It took a while but, eventually, the Bentley arrived back in Britain, and I was very happy. But then came word from the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency. The Bentley had started in life as a development mule and the rules say these must be destroyed to ensure they don't ever seep onto the market".

The MBF started out in life as a regular Continental from Bentley's press fleet and The Grand Tour team worked with Bentley to modify the car that would eventually embark on the adventure in RĂ©union and Madagascar.

Clarkson held onto the car for a few months before giving it back to Bentley. When the car finally arrived at the manufacturer's HQ in Crewe, Mike Sayer, Head of Product Communications at Bentley, decided to set the record straight, announcing that no, the MFB would not be scrapped.

Sayer even provided visual confirmation on Twitter following several requests from worried fans.

We're probably never going to see the car on the road again but we can at least rest safe knowledge that it lives on.

*Sunday December 6 2020 - "Jeremy Clarkson: the Grand Tour's Madagascar adventure was our toughest yet"

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Comments (29)

  • I've asked if I can drive it. I've been told no. Cool car though!

      10 days ago
    • he should put it up against a british army land rover on the offroad track around salisbury plain

        10 days ago
  • The surprising thing was 2WD Catheram,

    small package big with surprises,

    This also impressed everyone as this proves that these things ain't garage queens these things should be used properly before the electricals go bust,

    Their electrical and radiator shortcoming was also shown which should be considered commendable but in the end, it's a testament for those engineers those who put their blood and sweat on these vehicles and those who tastefully modified it to go offroad and prove its mettle on rough roads also,

      10 days ago
    • Thanks for correcting the mistake of misspelling catheram,

      Not blaming on keyboard but the autocorrect was switched on that's why Catheram was corrected as Catherman,

      Thanks for pointing out, Pho de Bimos, but your comment isn't...

      Read more
        8 days ago
  • Someone should Dakar that thing. It should be used and used hard. Beat it, rebuild it, beat it some more. That's what it's for, that's how it should be used.

      10 days ago
    • I want to see that Bentley take on the much-vaunted beast known as the Toyota technical truck.

        10 days ago
  • Good news!

      10 days ago
    • "It's the Dacia Sandero"

        10 days ago
    • Umm no, its the European car of the year 2008 the replacement for the Vauxhall Vectra, ladies and gentleman is the Vauxhall...Insignia

        9 days ago

      10 days ago