Good news! There’s a new Dacia Sandero!

Fans of the UK's cheapest new car will be pleased

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The Dacia Sandero is an honest little car and has sold surprisingly well since it launched in 2007, and later in 2012 for the UK market. But to the joy of Dacia enthusiasts, there are all-new Sandero, Sandero Stepway and Logan models for a third generation.

All of the new models sit upon Renault’s CMF-B platform which should allow for a better drive and more technology in some of the cheapest new cars on sale in Europe. What this means is that the new Sandero and Logan models will drive a lot like the latest Clio, which is now in it’s fifth generation.

But most notably for now, is the drastic change in Dacia’s design language. Both the Sandero and Logan now look more upmarket, featuring Dacia’s signature Y-shape light design, a more streamlined body design featuring a lower roofline and a wider stance. The Logan gets the same design but with a boot strapped on the back. However, we’re not sure if the Logan saloon will come to the UK, despite the Logan MCV estate being sold here. However, we aren’t expecting the Logan saloon to make the crossing as small saloons don’t sell well here as buyers would rather buy a small crossover or a conventional hatchback.

Other than the new design, there isn’t much more information about the new Sandero as Dacia are remaining tight-lipped about the technical specs. However, it’s fair to guess that the engines found in the new Clio will probably make their way into the new Sandero. So expect a 1.0 turbocharged petrol engine, a 1.5 diesel and potentially a hybrid version too.

However, we can only wait for the 29th of September as that’s when more information and pictures will come.

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  • I read that in James Mays voice

      2 months ago
  • That looks surprisingly good! The leds remind me off the hurracan

      2 months ago


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