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Goodbye gas station

1y ago


The electric car revolution is a bit weird. We need a new set of clichés to describe them, heightened awareness when driving them (so we don’t run over people who haven’t heard them coming), and a better understanding of energy than fossil fuels ever demanded of us.

But weirdest of all is that they’ve made economy exciting. By ‘economy’ I mean ‘range’, but it’s the same thing really. So the Tesla Roadster will (allegedly) out-drag an F1 car to 60mph and overtake a Ferrari TheFerrari at full chat, but so what? It will (again allegedly) keep going for 620 miles. That, for most of the world’s people, is 1000km, a magic number.

I never drive anything like as far as that in one go. It’s the distance from my London house to the top of Scotland, which would mean going through the midlands, so I’m simply not going to do it.

Pretty soon, the answer to ‘What’ll it do, mate?’ is going to be a distance.

You can give this a swerve.