G​oodwood FOS Bingo!

J​ust a little game for you to play while wandering the grounds.

10w ago

Since I​ will be attending the Goodwood Festival of Speed, I had the idea of playing a little game. It's very simple, it's just bingo. People closing in on 100 years of age do it on the daily, so it isn't quite rocket science. However, you don't have to be 100 to play this, in fact it helps if you have ease of mobility. To make it even easier for all of you out there, I've made the grid for you, so all you need to do is screenshot it and Robert is your mum's brother. While you're at it, you might as well follow me on DRIVETRIBE too, I don't bite much.

A​ll the slots are pretty self-explanatory, I tried to keep them simple. If you don't know what one of them is, looking it up is your best bet. I will be there on Saturday, but I don't look anything like my profile picture anymore, since I have become more proficient at growing a beard since the age of 7. Have fun!

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