Goodwood will be flooded by BMW M1 Procars for the 77th Members' Meeting

They were once used to support F1 but these monsters will breathe fire all over the Goodwood motor circuit next year

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One-make racing series aren't quite what they used to be. If you follow Formula E, you'll know that an entire field of Jaguar I-Paces are filling up a support series and even Lamborghini are looking to get the Urus rallycrossing in the same vein.

Back in 1979 however, things were a bit different. To support the F1 circus, Bernie Ecclestone organised a one-make race series featuring the BMW M1, all of which were in ballistic Procar spec.

That meant 470-horsepower straight sixes and plenty of fire from the exhausts on the overrun. And that exact combination of sounds and visuals will be resurrected at the 2019 Goodwood Members' Meeting.

Check out those rims...

Check out those rims...

The field of M1s will be one of three 'high-speed demonstrations' at the 77th Members' Meeting, with the other two currently still under wraps.

It'll be reliving the two championships run in 1979 and 1980, each taken by Niki Laudi and Nelson Piquet respectively.

Lauda took the first M1 Procar title in 1979

Lauda took the first M1 Procar title in 1979

With all the cars being essentially identical, it made for some scintillating racing back in the day and should produce an equally enthralling demonstration around the seriously quick Goodwood circuit.

Hans Stuck competed in both seasons of the short-lived series and said: β€œThe Procar race was usually better than the Grand Prix itself. I loved racing those cars, it was the best thing ever, incredibly competitive and those straight-six engines made a wonderful noise.”

The last Members' Meeting was full of Group 5 and F5000 machinery, bringing a torrent of horsepower and fuel vapour to what was a bitterly cold day in the south of England.

I'm more of a Group C and GT1 man myself but if I can be standing at Woodcote Corner when these six-cylinder beasts thunder past, I can guarantee the hairs on the back of my freezing neck will be standing to attention.

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