Goodyear is making tyres that are full of moss

1y ago


If you thought DriveTribe's engineering marvels from Geneva were a tad boring for your liking, Goodyear has unveiled plans to create the most vegan tyre ever...which might just float your boat.

The premise of the tyres is that they collect moisture and debris to feed moss contained within, which itself does a terrific job of absorbing CO2 while producing Oxygen, hence their name - Oxygene.

Classed as a 'sustainable urban mobility solution', it also utilises AI and generates its own electrical supply - a pretty clever piece of kit then.

How does it work? Well the tyre tread is open so that special heat resistant moss can grow on the inside. The tread is able to absorb and circulate moisture, the distribution of which is controlled by the AI system. The open tread also allows the internal moss to absorb carbon dioxide, a gas that moss feeds upon.

Through photosynthesis, the moss creates enough energy to generate electricity which is then used to power the smart tyre AI system.

The tyre itself is airless, instead using 3D-printed rubber powder made from recycled tyres. This means that it is technically puncture-free, using a shock-absorbing open tread instead.

Whether this concept ever makes it to production or not, it's good to know that it's not just automakers that are looking for more sustainable, environmentally friendly solutions for the future of motoring.

I'm not sure these bad boys would handle 1000bhp+ from something like a Koenigsegg but if I'm in the market for a city car in 2035, I may just spec them with these quirky little moss tyres.