Drivers doing their jobs, but then it goes wrong.

3y ago

Google Street View cars are providing Google Maps and Google Earth with 360-degree views from many streets and places in the world. They’re also known for capturing a lot of interesting events on camera; awkward moments, weird stunts - and even accidents.

I found a collection of these particular cars, preforming their duties.. Until it all goes a bit wrong - because sometimes, believe it or not, they are the ones causing the trouble. Here is three Street View drivers, having a tough day at work.

#1 Pozega, Serbia

While doing it’s job in Serbia, it is said to have crashed into a pole, causing the driver to lose control of the car, diving into a nearby footway, before ending up in a hedge.

Luckily, no one was hurt during this incident - except for the car that needed a face-lift. Not sure the pole got out of it in one piece, either.

#2 Bogor, Indonesia

A Google Street View car made matters worse, when trying to flee the scene after hitting a bus. The driver supposedly panicked, and as a result of his attempted hit-and-run, crashed into another bus and a truck, before it finally hit the brakes.

#3 Little Rock, USA

A Google Street View car hit another vehicle in Little Rock, Arkansas. The driver realised that he was driving the wrong direction in a one-way street. He started to turn around, and hit the side of the other car, spinning it around.

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