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Gordon Murray teases spectacular supercar


He’s the parent of the legendary McLaren F1, and that in our book is enough to get us all worked up when it comes to the premise of his latest project, a supercar coupe that’s set to be released in the near future.

For now we just have a teaser depicting a shadowy two-door coupe figure, one that after the official introduction is set to reach the market under the IGM brand – looking to emphasize some of the most advanced aerodynamics ever seen on a production vehicle. Gordon Murray is well known for creations such as the McLaren F1 and the Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren, and he is now looking to set up a new company. He’s going to revive the IGM nameplate – he first used it back in the late 1960s for the Murray-designed “T.1″ IGM Ford Special.

The associated teaser showcases their first efforts from the new era, but details remain scarce for now. There’s no name attached to the project, but we do know it’s set to celebrate 50 years of Gordon Murray car design, and was announced at the forefront of a bespoke “One Formula” exhibition that saw no less than 40 cars penned by the iconic designer in one place. We also know the coupe will be using a new version of Gordon Murray Design’s iStream Superlight production process, aiming to provide the “most advanced aerodynamics” ever on a road car.

source: By Aurel Niculescu - InAutoNews.com

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