Gordon Murray's T.50 Probably Doesn't Need The Fan

Still, here are five ways the T.50 embarrasses today's supercars.

3w ago


Gordon Murray wanted to build the best drivers car, period. The formula is pretty simple: lightweight, central driving position, naturally aspirated V12, manual transmission, and rear wheel drive.

The formula sounds great, but it’s actually a rather difficult thing to market. What are you going to brag about? The V12 is small, and not all that powerful. The manual transmission shifts seem pathetically slow in comparison to today’s stupid fast dual clutch transmissions. People don’t care nearly enough about weight, but they do care about horsepower, and 654 horsepower can be found in family sedans these days.

So why is this T.50 good? Simply put, because it’s fun. I’ve had the privilege to be able to drive hundreds of different cars, and from my experience, the amount of money you spend on a car doesn’t determine how much fun you’ll have driving it. And while the T.50 is silly expensive, it says forget the records, we’re building something rewarding to drive. It’s not about ego, it’s about having fun, and that’s the edge it has over all of the other supercars today.


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      27 days ago
  • Lightweight, manual transmission with a “reasonable” amount of horsepower, sounds like the correct formula to me.

      26 days ago
  • Developed with NO performance targets at all. Just power-to-weight goals. Please other supercar manufacturers, follow suit.

      25 days ago
  • Professor Gordon Murray's putting his best effort and innovations against the trendy stuff!

    This is a true car for ones who have REAL driving skills not for you kids who just plays paddle shifters.

      25 days ago
  • Its his car man....he can put a FAN or FREAKING JET ENGINE in it, why do you care??..

      26 days ago