Gordon Murray's T.50s Can Drive Upside Down

With enough downforce, gravity shmavity. Let's flip upside down.

1w ago


The Gordon Murray Automotive T.50s is the track-only version of their latest supercar. It has a 4.0L naturally aspirated V12 engine producing 720 horsepower, it weighs less than 900 kg, and it creates over 1500 kg of downforce. That's enough downforce to even drive upside down.

Murray: “Designing the racing car’s aerodynamics has been extremely rewarding. My love for motorsport really fueled the development of this car. The aerodynamics are so effective that the T.50s would be capable of driving upside down, and could do so at as little as 175mph.”

See the video for all the details!


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Comments (14)

  • 175 mph minimum speed required + T.50's cost ($2,600,000 minimum) + place to drive it upside down + driver to make it all happen = ain't gonna see this in a million years.

      9 days ago
    • Well I’m not holding my breath. But I reckon eventually somebody won’t be able to resist the temptation. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

        8 days ago
    • Old Top Gear would've done it

        8 days ago
  • I'm sorry everyone, but this has been told for over 40 years. An F1 car can drive upside down, but we don't actually do it. I mean can anyone really say with full gusto that they've built a car that can drive upside down. So Mr Murray if you really do say that the car can drive upside down. For Gods sake do it!

      8 days ago
  • Every supercar & race car designer says this. I know the physics and maths add up to it being possible but let's see it in practice!!

      9 days ago
  • The numbers involved with this car is just absolutely insane. Just it having 700 bhp from a 4L NA V12 is crazy enough. Add in the 12000 rpm redline, the 900 kg weight, the 1500 kg downforce, and I don't understand how this car isn't an even bigger deal in automotive news...

      6 days ago
  • ...But how many cup holders does it have? 😁

    (Great explanation, btw)

      7 days ago