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Grace and sportiness combined: Bugatti Royale

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Throughout the history, we had so many luxury cars that could make you feel like a king if you sat in them. But, I think that the daddy of all luxury cars is the mesmerizing Bugatti Type 41 Royale. The car was made when the Queen of England stated that nothing could compare to the luxury offered by Rolls-Royce.

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Well, in 1913, Ettore Bugatti told everyone that he would make the most luxurious car in the world. The car was presented in 1927, meaning that it took 14 years to develop it. When it was finally revealed, the Royale weighed 3.2 tons, and had 6.4 meters in length. The Royale’s engine is one of the biggest engines ever fit into a car. Its 12.7-litre straight-8 could produce 300 HP and develop a top speed of 200 km/h.

Coupe de Ville Binder. Credit: FavCars.com

Not many people had been lucky to drive in the Royale, but the lucky ones said that the feeling is just as royal as its name. And, its performance was just as amazing as on every Bugatti.

Moreover, Royale’s interior is so mind-blowing that makes a Rolls-Royce Phantom look like a cow shed. The seats were filled with horsehair, and were covered with the finest velvet. And the details that looks like ivory are actual ivory (gear knob and switches)...the same thing goes for the walnut trim.

So, this is what a living room on wheels looks like. A car this exquisite couldn’t be bought by anyone. Interestingly, despite its royal name, it was never owned by any member of royalty.

Coupe Kellner. Credit: FavCars.com

Initially, Ettore planned to make 25 units, but only 6 saw the light of day. There was actually a 7th Royale, which had a Packard chassis. But, that one was totalled by Ettore himself. What’s really amazing is that all 6 Royales are with us today.

Jean Bugatti next a Royale. Credit: FavCars.com

The 6 other units were named: Coupe Napoleon, Coupe de Ville Binder, Cabriolet Weinberger, Limousine Park-Ward, Coupe Kellner and Berline de Voyage.

The Royale Weymann prototype totaled by Ettore himself. Credit: fr.Motor1.com

Sadly, they will probably never grace the asphalt anymore since they are so exclusive. Two of them are in a museum in Mulhouse, two in some American museums, one in VW possession and only one is in a private ownership (some sources claim that it is located in Switzerland).

In the end, the Type 41 Royale showed the world what luxury really is, and Bugatti showed us what this company means to automotive industry.

Royale Coupe de Ville Binder. Credit: FavCars.com