G​ran Turismo DriveTribe Community Race 3 Full Details

F​ull details of this Sunday's race

E​arlier this week I put up a post for you to sign up for the third DriveTribe Community Race on Gran Turismo as well as to give you the chance to vote for which car we will be using.

T​he Porsche 911 GT3 RS won the vote by a large margin so I can now confirm that is the car we are going to be using in this week's race. I have quickly thrown together some liveries for you to download, they are now shared if you would like to download them from my Gran Turismo profile ready for the race. Please only download the colour/number you have previously signed up with.

A​ quick reminder of the other details already announced - We will be running 20 laps of Interlagos with 25x tyre wear and 10% fuel usage.

I​f you haven't signed up yet and would like a place please read the article linked below. It would be really helpful if you could let me know before 7pm GMT Sunday night if you would like to join. This allows me time to make sure your version of the livery is shared in time.


L​ook forward to seeing you out on track this Sunday at 8pm GMT!

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