Gran Turismo Sport beta: First impression

Yesterday I've played the GT sports beta version off the game. And here is my first impression off the game!

The Game

So it's finally here! We have waited so long for this. Okay, it's only the beta version but still. We can get our first impression off the game.

First off all I want to say there is no offline single player story mode like it had in the previous games. I was looking forward to this. You can only get some single player races, time trails and drift races. They really can help at the start off the game to get to know the handling off the car and fysics off the game. But when you advance you probably not going to use them anymore. The good old license challenges are back! They just give me that nostalgic feeling. You also have the missions. And this is the closest the game gets to offline career/single player racing. You can only drive 2 levels off missions in the beta version.You start with some easy missions but it will build up and even gets you into an endurance race in the Porsche GT3. I'm already looking forward to the other missions! The last thing you get in single player are the track experiences. These are sections or full lap time trails with marker point to get to know the track. Get gold and you get some nice money! But, there is some work on the markers. Sometimes I would apex a corner different then the markers. I also have to mention the AI. When setting the AI on proffesional they really act great according to the previous games. But in lower settings they will act strange sometimes and are really easy to overtake. It depens on what you want. Easy win or hard fight to second!

The Rating

In GT sport you get a new rating system. This system will be used the create online multiplayer sessions to create races with drivers off a similar skill level. It made me think about the IRating system from Iracing and it is basically the same thing. You got the driver class from E to S this is your skill level. The sportmanship points are the result off how clean you are. Like a safety rating. And then there is you driver level. With the driver level you can unlock some new content like new helmets, profile poses or stickers to costumize your car. Also, after every event you get miles and driven distance. The miles can be used to trade new content and the driven distance helps you unlock great stuff when reaching a certain distance.

The driving

So this is what it's all about. How are the fysics off the game. Let me tell what I like the most about the new game. You will be surprised. The braking! I have a Thrustmaster T150 with T3PA pedals and the brake mod. And I really like the way you can brake hard and consitent in this game. This really improves the driving experience. But, the steering is not what I expected. It feels to easy. The force feedback could have been better. Like it could have been harder. And more build up in corners would have been nice. You feel the same amount off force feedback all the way into the corner. Also I have the feeling the reaction off the steering wheel is a little bit off. Another pro: You can see how a car is struggling with it's weight and understeering is pretty accurate. While trying to correct oversteering is pretty difficult. Sometimes the car snaps even when you are almost at the end off the corner.

The graphics

Last but not least! And especially in this game. The graphics. And they are amazing! They really show us what the modern technology is capable to do. The cars look stunning. Even the mountains in the background are amazing. The team did a really great job on this one. And I'm expecting it to be even better in 4K mode. The photo mode is also a really awesome. It all looks so real. Like you are editing real pictures instead off a game.

So guys, let me know what your first impression off the game was. Also here is a link to my livestream session on Youtube yesterday. I will post my thoughts about the online multiplayer as soon as I got into it! See you on track!

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Comments (9)

  • Thanks Gianni!


      3 years ago
  • Can you please repost it at my gaming tribe

      3 years ago
  • I really like it i have played the closed beta too and I can say they made it a lot better. The only two things is why is mini a German brand in the game( I know it is owned by BMW but Bugatti is a French brand in Gt Sport and it is owned by Volkswagen) the cars which aren't real players push you off the track and you can't overtake them.

      3 years ago
    • Thanks! I didn't play the closed beta. So it's really my first thought about it. I also had seen some reviews where they said it was already much better then the closed beta. Bugatti has always been French that's correct. But mini is Britisch....

      Read more
        3 years ago
    • I think it is there because the headquarters of mini are in Munich Germany

        3 years ago