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Gran Turismo Sport Super Bundle Includes a Real Mazda MX-5

Also included: a 4K TV, PSVR, racing wheel, cockpit, and more!

3y ago

We're sitting smack dab in the middle of a video game era where pretty much every AAA title comes with a number of different editions. Normally these include stuff like in-game goodies, loot crates, etc. Every now and then you might get something like a statue or a collectible case.

This particular special edition comes with a real car.

Just like GRID 2 did back in the day when it offered a BAC Mono, Grand Turismo Sport Super Bundle includes a car, a 2018 Mazda MX-5 in Soul Red featuring Gran Turismo graphics. An MX-5 would have been enough, but the bundle includes even more.

The bundle also tosses in a Sony Bravia 4K TV, a year of Playstation Plus, a Playstation VR unit, a Playstation Pro console, a Thristmaster T-GT racing wheel, an APIGA AP1 racing cockpit, and of course the game itself.

At current exchange rates, the GT Sport Super Bundle will run you approximately $46,000. however, according to Autoblog, the entire bundle can be assembled a la carte (in America, at least) for just under $32,000.


Sony Interactive Entertainment, Taiwan Limited


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Comments (8)

  • Still not as mental as the Saints Row IV Super WAD WAD Edition with the purple Lambo Gallardo and Toyota Pious

      3 years ago
  • Worth it

      3 years ago
  • Holy balls

      3 years ago
  • Did you mean Thrustmaster T-GT racing wheel?

      3 years ago