- Top of the pass

Grand St. Bernard Pass

2.469 meters above sea level

To reach France we planned to go over the grand and small St. Bernhard pass. The grand pass connects Switzerland and Italy and the small one Italy with France. The first part of the pass is very boring. Because it is a transit pass and there is a ton of traffic. You can drive through the tunnel to reach the other side. But don't do it! Drive over the pass. Somewhere in the tunnel you can make turn to the right and you end up on the road over the pass.

The fun part begins with some long s-curves paired with a couple of hairpins. We were driving through the s-curves and another car coming down the road, saw us and stopped completly. The only logical thing why the car stopped is that the driver was flashed by two blue cars and had to look at them. I can understand that. The s-curves continues to the top, still paired with the occasionally hairpin. Was pretty fun but you only need about 5 minutes to reach the top.

We noticed that the scenery was going to change. The rocks looked differently in the shape and color. Pretty nice after driving the same passes again and again (like Susten, Grimsel, Furka). But it was starting to rain and there was some fog. Temperature dropped again to almost 0° Celisus. We drove to the lake at the top and it was time for photos.

The descent was pretty boring. For some reason the speedlimit is 50 km/h on the Italy side. I don't know why. The road is in good condition. It is 50km/h the whole way down. We thought about going up again but with that speedlimit it makes no sense. We drove towards the hotel in Courmayeur. After checking in we had some time to kill. We looked at the nav screen and saw a road is going to a valley. Why not. There was some nice scenery with tree's and a river. So here is the result.

That complete our day two of the tour.

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Comments (3)

  • Great write up. It looks as though you had much better than I did at the end of August. I didn't understand the 50 limit on the Italian side either. Its a lovely sweeping road that calls out for at least a little more speed.

    In case you're interested I took some video of my descent into the Aosta Valley youtu.be/046p4jHqtD0

      4 years ago
    • I watched your video, you had bad luck with the weather. But nice car you got, the sound ist great.

        4 years ago
    • Luckily the weather improved for most of the rest of the trip. It did finish with more rain on the Grimsel though.

        4 years ago