Grand Theft Auto Online: Los Santos Tuners DLC

Is this DLC going to be a small slice of Need for Speed Underground or Midnight Club

8w ago

The new Los Santos Tuners update arrives in a few hours, and I can not help get the Midnight Club and Need for Speed Underground vibes. Of course, we can look back to how influencial the Need for Speed Underground and Midnight Club games were for many of us. I know those games are what introduce me to the world of tuning and customizing cars. Sadly we probably wont see the Underground or Midnightclub series anytime soon.

Thankfully we can turn to Grand Theft Auto Online to give us a little taste of Midnight Club because, afterall, Rockstar is responsible for making the Midnight Club franshise. Now with this update we will expect new races. A Pursuit series where checkpoints are spaced around the route to encourage finding your perfered route (Much like Midnight Clubs Unorganized checkpoint races) and introducing 10 new cars arriving tomorrow with the update. I hope to see some of your crazy rides at the LS Car Meets.

Let me know down on the comments what you think about this new update. Are you excited to try the new races? What new cars are you targeting to purchase?

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