Grand Tour delayed after producer gets coronavirus

      Andy Wilman has now recovered from the disease, and Clarkson says next episode is "94% edited"

      32w ago


      The next episode of the Grand Tour was delayed because producer and editor Andy Wilman was suffering from coronavirus, Jeremy Clarkson has said.

      During the DriveTribe pub quiz Clarkson pre-emptively answered a question about when the second episode of the latest series would be broadcast. He explained that Wilman had been bed-bound with "this weird new flu".

      "He was very, very, very poorly," Clarkson said. "The good news is, he's better, but all the edit suites and the voiceover suites and all the places you use to make television programmes are shut."


      Clarkson said the programme had been filmed and was "94% edited", and as soon as the voiceovers are added the team would send it to Amazon.

      "The only real problem we had was that we were supposed to have gone to Russia two weeks ago to film the next one, but that really wasn't possible.

      "Well, it might have been possible to get there, but it sure as hell wouldn't have been possible to get back."

      A third party later confirmed to that Wilman had indeed had the coronavirus and had recovered.

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      Comments (50)

      • Its sad it's been delayed but health comes first. We still got old grand tour episodes to watch

          7 months ago
        • NOT ENOUGH OF THEM!!!!!! oh well I will go find something else to amuse myself since I am running out of ideas I may start repeating myself. I have been in isolation in Canada for $WEEKS! now.

          Hope everyone stays safe and healthy adn then grand...

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            7 months ago
        • Watch my new video in about 2 hours time... I'll prob put a link on here on a blog later on. I think YouTube has some great content but they do need to evolve the show. Eg bring in a new person one at a time as they gradually retire. It's the only way...

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            7 months ago
      • For me it's crystal clear : I love The Grand Tour it's a fact, but first you have to think about health, so Mr. Wilman must recover from this shit (the virus), and finish the edition of the episode and think about its spread after the pandemic, NOT BEFORE.

          7 months ago
      • Another challenge from Mr Wilman: no show till everybody will be safe !

          7 months ago
      • Anyone who says "yes hurry up" deserves a smack to the back of their head. With a barstool.

        Even once Mr Willman is fully recovered. Make sure everyone stays safe

          7 months ago
      • Did he say it was due to the coronavirus?

          7 months ago


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