Grand Tour season 2: Update after Hammond's CRASH

    5 months ago


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    Grand Tour season 2: Update after Hammond's CRASH

    Comments (948)
    Jeremy Clarkson posted in
    Jeremy Clarkson's Tribe

    Many of you have been asking if Hammond’s broken knee will affect the filming for season two of the Grand Tour.

    And the short answer is: yes.

    I’ve been up since dawn, rewriting all of the scripts

    As I write, James May is sitting in the hell hole that is Gatwick Airport waiting for a budget airline to take him to a shoot that Hammond should have been doing.


    Meanwhile, I’ve been up since dawn, rewriting all of the scripts and ideas we had to accommodate the fact that Hammond can’t drive for the next few months.

    Meanwhile, he is lying in a bed in the Swiss Alps, while pretty nurses attend to give his every need, and give him drugs.

    Standing on one leg

    Apparently, he will be back in the office next week which is a good thing because we are out of toner for the photocopier, the girl who makes coffee is on holiday and the store room needs re-organising. These, I feel, are jobs he can do on one leg.

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    Comments (948)
    • The Grand Tour "scorched earth policy".

      1 month ago
    • James and Jeremy, stay healthy. You two are doing extra work. And I hope Richard is recovering speedily

      2 months ago
    • I can't wait. I really miss old Top Gear, the banter between you three was sublime.

      2 months ago
      1 Bump
    • I loved last season, and even though Richard hurt his leg, I have a funny feeling this season is going to be even better now that everyone has adjusted to the change... Thoughts?

      3 months ago
      2 Bumps
    • Bet that created a nice BBQ

      4 months ago