Grand Tour season 2: Update after Hammond's CRASH

Here's what it means for the next season

Many of you have been asking if Hammond’s broken knee will affect the filming for season two of the Grand Tour.

And the short answer is: yes.

I’ve been up since dawn, rewriting all of the scripts

As I write, James May is sitting in the hell hole that is Gatwick Airport waiting for a budget airline to take him to a shoot that Hammond should have been doing.


Meanwhile, I’ve been up since dawn, rewriting all of the scripts and ideas we had to accommodate the fact that Hammond can’t drive for the next few months.

Meanwhile, he is lying in a bed in the Swiss Alps, while pretty nurses attend to give his every need, and give him drugs.

Standing on one leg

Apparently, he will be back in the office next week which is a good thing because we are out of toner for the photocopier, the girl who makes coffee is on holiday and the store room needs re-organising. These, I feel, are jobs he can do on one leg.

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Comments (998)

  • Does that mean he's not coming on then?

      4 years ago
  • Does that mean he's not coming on then

      4 years ago
    • Well James, he's fallen down a small mountain going well above the 100mph and had his knee bones ripped in half like a plate of fresh cooked ribs. So no, he won't be coming on.

        4 years ago
  • Does that mean he's not coming on?

      4 years ago
  • Dunno what's really stopping Hammond from driving. I don't have any knees (or legs below the knees) myself and I've done a few laps at Monza with Golf GTIs & Rs. I've currently got a set of removable hand controls that I use at the moment (if Hammond will drive an automatic or sequential then no problem). The hand controls install in a few minutes, don't permanently modify the car, and have a "push/pull" setup. Namely, pull to accelerate, push to brake. A HELL OF A LOT BETTER than some of the convoluted (& extremely expensive) stuff from Guidosimplex in Europe. Get him a set & get him behind the wheel again.

    Hell, in the TG times you guys had a few disabled drivers race an adapted Porsche on the track. Do a challenge where all of you have to drive across/to some place, but without using your legs. There are tons of different types of adapted cars out there. The standard Wheelchair Van that's often used in the US. A car with permanent hand controls from guidosimplex (or similar company), and one with cheaper removable hand controls like the ones above. You guys can get a good number of laughs from this and actually be somewhat informative regarding disabled drivers

    Hell, there are Guidosimplex hand controls installed in Ferraris.

      4 years ago
    • I'm on board with you. It would be awesome and as you said quite informative. Not just a Nissan Leaf or Dodge Journey, but some sportscoupes...

        4 years ago
    • 100% agree with you. I will say more: you just give them for free ideas worth of half an episode. They should really do this. It is great as you described: the three folks hand driving using accessibility accessories or adaptations.

        4 years ago
  • A nice opportunity for him to test the cars for handicapped people.

      4 years ago
    • Good point except he crashed a normal driven car, just how well Do you think he can do with hand controls. ?

        4 years ago