Grand Tour to be AXed

2y ago


Sources close to the various people have told us the new series 'The Grand Tour' is to be axed after just one season.

The only problem is that the place the axe is falling is the BBC (Bullshit Blabering Company), the corporation has said its going to axe the program after just one series, what they seem to miss understand is that the program isn't theirs.

We had to find out who was behind this, so we went to the ivory towers of the BBC (Boring Blathering Cockheads) and asked to the head of entertainment to ask him some questions about the program they, huh hum, have and how they are going to axe the show. Brian Teabag-Bouffant (39) was the first person to see us, he said the show is going to be axed after a number of complaints received by the BBC (B******** B*****h C*******st) about the show made the board of, well, who ever the hell it is had to act. Unfortunately due to the blatant stupidity of them they failed to realise they don't have anything to do with the show what so ever.

After over an hour of talking and trying to talk any sort of logic to the bloke without any success he continued to insist he was going to terminate the show pulling the plug on it as soon as possible. For a laugh we asked him what the main issue was with the show and he told us that the main reason was a comment made by Richard Hammmmmmmm-owned (4ft 3in) about eating ice cream made you gay. He said at least four letters of complaint had been received mainly by middle aged busy bodies with nothing better to do than to complain. (We may have embellished his comments a little)

He went on to tell us about other letters of complaint regarding Jeremy Clark (440) and his hair and James May (21) has had complaints about being old and he should have retired in the early 50's he's so old.

He apparently got so upset with us telling him the program was nothing to do with them he burst into tears and said he was going to get his mom to talk to us..... 18.32 minutes later someone called Barrenness of Scumumberland Tracey BlindAlly-Scrubbshaw-Templeton-Artgallery (94) came into the room.

We again tried to tell her that the program was nothing to do with them and wasn't even on terrestrial or satellite television, but once again she insisted they are going to take the program off the air and they have the power to do it. We had to find out more about this wonderful power so we asked some very detailed questions.

Apparently the internet belongs to the BBC (Bureaucratic Brain-dead Cretins) and everything on it. Delusion apparently runs deep within the corporation and they think they run everything. And we have a news channel and website that can bring down anything we want by publishing and reporting any old cobblers we wish. And nothing can stop us. At that point we got a little scared and wondered how much power this place actually had. It wasn't long before we got escorted out of the building and told never to return.

The only thing we can take from our meeting is the fact that the place seems to think they can control the world, hey, they might even have tried do something with the presidential election, the only reason we know they didn't was they only just know how to turn a computer on, let alone hack anyone.

So where does that leave the show, it would appear a minority can actually try to influence what the majority wants. All they have to do is say they don't like something and then throw money and court cases at it.

We hope this show has a long running and successful future, that it continues to poke a stick at the narrow minded, stuck up, pathetic people who try to bring them down (most of who haven't even seeing one episode of the show and who are just jumping on the band wagon) and continue to make a very funny and controversial internet TV show.