- M​otorbike (top) and car prizes.

G​reat Christmas giveaway

Car and bike to be claimed

43w ago

A​ bit back, I posted a competition on DriveTribe; a truly fabulous one, which gave you the opportunity to win a car or a motorbike (toys).

A​ll you had to do was guess the weight of each to win, and 345 of you were bored enough to do just that.

The results are in.

The results are in.

T​here is a table below showing who correctly guessed the weight of the car or motorbike (or flew to Japan, went into a toy shop armed with a set of digital scales, and cheated). But only two people guessed both correctly - John May and Mark Ashton. John May is not related to me, for which I'm sure he's grateful.

W​ho should be the final winner? Rather than just choose John because he has the same name as me, I assigned each of them a number and then used an online random number generator to pick one. It's like two-sided dice, so I could have used a coin, come to think of it.

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J​ohn May won anyway. Congratulations, John May. You now own a car and a motorbike (toys).

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Comments (33)

  • May,you blithering idiot! You’ve gone and won your own competition 😂

      10 months ago
  • Wow, amazing! I'm well chuffed! Thanks Uncle James! (ok we are indeed not related as James said, but of all the famous May's out there to choose from to be related to I would still pick James every time)

      10 months ago
    • Some of the British slang puzzles me, as I'm sure American slang puzzles others however you used the word "chuffed" and I am curious to know what that means in the context you used it.

      I'm assuming it is excited.

        10 months ago
    • Ah yeah, chuffed means very pleased and delighted in this context :-)

        10 months ago
  • The fact that he read all the comments and typed my name on the list is itself a reward xD. Congratulations to the winner

      10 months ago
  • Congratulations John James May

      10 months ago
  • Damn it May!!!! 😩😂 Have a great Christmas anyway! 👍

      10 months ago