Greece´s Fastest Monsters - AWD, 500+Hp Ford Battle

The same brand, the same architecture but very different builds fighting for Greece´s HillClimb Championship

Arguably the two fastest Monsters currently racing on Greek HillClimbs, these are Mario Iliopoulos´ Ford Focus WRC (an ex-works unit) and Panagiotis Soldatos´ Ford Fiesta Turbo (prepared by Olsbergs MSE of Rallycross fame).

Both All Wheel Drive, both with over 500Hp, their differences are rooted way more on their construction, with Iliopoulos´ car being a proper ex-WRC unit, pretty much de-restricted and set-up for Hillclimb events, while Soldatos´ Fiesta is a less "traditional" build, using a 2.0L Turbocharged Mitsubishi 4G63 engine alongside a vastly spaceframed chassis.

In the end they battled for victory at Ritsona Hillclimb down to the very end. With some engine problems (somewhat audible on the video) almost taking the victory away from Mr. Iliopoulos, a very last run on maximum attack still awarded him the win, although for little over a second.

In the upcoming months expect these two machines to face each other again, and while the Fiesta will continue it´s evolution, there are rumours that the Focus wil be replaced altogether for an entirely new Monster... We´ll be here to show if that´s the case...

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