Greek Hillclimb Racing - 10 Fastest Monsters at Ritsona 2021

Very Hot weather, a new Country and Championship and plenty of High powered Monsters

This is our first Top 10 Monsters clip coming from Greece, here showing which were the fastest machines at Ritsona HillClimb. With quite the unique Racing scene, here we had some very interesting Monsters in this incredibly Hot weekend (almost 40º C ), featuring a whole host of Lancer Evos in different states of tune, turbocharged Volkswagen Golfs, an incredibly fast Peugeot 106 and 3 WRC units coming from the Blue Oval manufacturer... In the end it looked like this:

For an overview of the whole event (and preview of some of the single car vids we will make of this event) check the Highlights video of our collaborator Kasg Videos:

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