Greek Monster - The 500Hp Ford Sierra RS500 Proto

George Kexagias´ Monster is a Legend of Greek HillClimbing after over a decade of development and successful Racing

This is George Kexagias´ Monster coming from Greece, and part of the Greek Team on the last HillClimb Masters edition in Gubbio. It is a 500Hp, 2.0L Cosworth YB Turbo powered Ford Sierra that has been transformed through the years into RS500-spec and after reaching that point, evolved even further.

So it is lightened to around 1000Kg, uses some quite unique bodywork, featuring some bespoke solutions, and retains the Rear Wheel drive configuration, while using also a 6 speed Sequential Gearbox among other goodies. But more than that it is by now a bit of a Legend of Greek Hillclimb Racing, competing on the local National Championship for more than a decade a being probablythe best symbol of the unique Formula Saloon Class used that on the Championship.

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