Gridlife Midwest Festival 2018 Time Attack

So many records, so little time. Literally and figuratively.

Every year we go to Gridlife's Midwest Festival event it gets bigger and better then the year before. Despite getting rain on multiple days this year set new records for ticket sales and insanity. This event is truly one that can not be put into words, and must be experienced to really understand. This year every single class, and most drivetrain layouts in those classes, set new records, including a wild Honda Civic resetting the overall production based track record by 3 seconds! That includes any professionally built factory backed racing car that has been there. It is truly and incredible feat.

We had so many photos this year that I think I will split all of them up into separate articles for drifting, time attack, and general shenanigans.. Drifting has already been posted so check it out! If you don't want to wait to see them all they have been posted over on our Facebook page so be sure to stop in there. We also have already released our full podcast recap, so tune in to that where ever you catch your podcasts!

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