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Hello and welcome to my Tribe GRINTSPEED

So to kick off, let’s start with a little bit about me! Well I have been a Rally/Rallycross driver since 2009. I have a massive passion for all things engineering and competition, I will literally race anything on wheels! I love tinkering with my cars making them go that bit faster or look even cooler!

It all started when I was 16yrs old I built a mk1 escort for my first proper car, it was awesome! 1300cc with a rally camshaft and twin weber DCOE’s! it may sound like much and with only 80ish Bhp barely enough to pull the skin off a rice pudding! but with an enthusiastic, speed hungry 17yr old boy behind the wheel it was enough for me to learn how to really drive! And also lose my license after 8 months for power sliding around a roundabout! After this it was pretty clear I needed to get myself into motorsport specifically Rallying. So with a lot of help from my parents we got an old Mitsubishi Evo and went rallying!

So a few years on from there I’ve been competing in British and European Rallycross in a Peugeot 208 Supercar! 600bhp 0-60mph in under 2secs! The most exciting vehicle I have driven to date and possibly the most exciting car I will ever drive!

I wanted to start this tribe to show everyone what life is like on and off the track for a racing driver and also make some fancy race car videos! so we will be doing lots of “behind the scenes” films at British Rallycross races interviews me and some of my sponsors who will be showing you there products, also vlogs about my cars and bikes, My Land rover defender needs a bit of a refresh too so I will probably do a few videos on that which will be starting soon!

You can also follow me on instagram and twitter at @jamesgrint1

2015 euro rx (photo credit

2015 euro rx (photo credit



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