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  • Since 10/11 makes me a freak, let me point some things out:

    You made an issue of Mouton using a basic Group 4 continuation quattro (or maybe an A1) instead of the S1, yet you show an S1 in the answer.

    The Rover engine was called V64V, not V624V. Reportedly it was roughly based on the famous Cosworth DFV Formula One engine.

    And similarly, the BX4TC didn't have an engine derived from a CX Turbo unit. Its powerplant actually traced back to the Chrysler/Simca days. Peugeot took over Chrysler Europe and Citroen in quick succession, and Citroen for some reason thought the 2.2 Simca engine (also used in cars like the Matra Murena and Talbot Tagora) would be the way to go.

    It was a fun quiz regardless of these points though, keep it up.

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