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Everyone and everything looks better in specs

4y ago

Whenever anyone asks me to sign a copy of one of Richard Hammond’s books (and no, I don’t know why anyone wants this), I always oblige but then draw a pair of specs on him. Can’t help it. There’s a face, I have a pen – usually a felt-tip – so what would you expect me to do?

But why stop at Hammond’s gormless physog? This morning, seized by the spirit of Sharpius, the Greek muse of defacement, I took a couple of car pictures from my office wall and drew specs on them as well.

I quite like the results. I’ve always had a soft spot for girls in specs, and it’s not just some tragic uptight librarian fantasy or anything like that. I just think specs are cool. They look cool on cars as well. Above is a Fiat Panda with its reading glasses on, below is the Zarooq Motor Sand Racer in shades, as you’d expect, it being a desert car.

Already looked quite good; looks even better as Iggy pop.

Already looked quite good; looks even better as Iggy pop.

Please feel free to draw (or photoshop, if you’re feeling modern) some glasses on cars and post below in the comments section.

That is all.

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