GT Sport Multiclass league - Looking for drivers

Brand new multiclass league that promises some exciting racing...

1y ago

Like semi-endurance races packed with strategy and intense racing? AND like the thrills and spills of multiple categories sharing the race track? Then the new TRB-GT Championship might be the league for you...

I have come to drivetribe to look for GT Sport players who want to get involved with a new league that comprises two classes of Gr.2 2016 machinery and a number of Gr.3 cars.

The races will take place over 150km, so around 50 minutes in length, with a 15 minute qualifying.

Lots of details to be sorted out, but I thought best to do a post so people can register an interest. Do comment below if this is something up your street.

I would like to take the league beyond PS4 by writing up race reports, or doing highlights packages, but that is all to be organised provided there is a full grid!

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