GT3 Power on the Hills - Onboard the McLaren MP4-12C of Pierre Courroye

The French Championship Winning duo still beating records on this difficult year

Former French Hillclimb Championship Winners, Pierre Courroye and his powerful McLaren Mp4-12C GT3, returned to action on a couple events during this difficult 2020 year, including Turckheim where we were able to catch them in action, while they beat the All Time Touring Car record of the event.

With around 600Hp from the 3.8L Twin Turbo V8, and featuring all the upgrades available for the model, this is arguably the fastest GT3 model in European Hillclimb Racing (the other one will be featured soon on our Channel...) beating many other purspose built machines and always right at the Top of the Overall standings. It is also quite the interesting machine to watch from inside as it really shows how a "state-of-the-art" race car from the Modern Era operates. Between all commands availabe on the steering wheel (and its strange format...) and the "racing-grade" Traction control, it makes for quite the unique viewing experience when compared to some of the more analogue machines we´ve shown on the Channel lately...

To check the machinery Mr. Courroye and his McLaren left behind at Turckheim, you can check our Top 10 Fastest Monsters video of the event below:

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