- this will soon be filled with beatiful cars.

I've filled ten categories of wich I thougt would be reprensative with your daily GTA online needs.

1. weaponised vehicle: any car with guns or rocket launchers

2. Armoured vehicle: something to hide in when under attack

3. Sports car: for the cornering en small straights

4. Super car: highway all the way

5. Off roader: to drive up the chiliad mountain without using roads

6. Classic: because, well why not.

7. People carrier, if you need to take a whole crew, has to have 4 doors

8. Street car: name says it all, steal it on the street and store it into your garage, so max price is 100k

9. Fun car, could be anything you just like to drive

10. Anything to fulfil the garage, no need to be a car

Of course do I have my own selection

1. My weaponised vehicle is the imponte deluxo, a flying, weaponsed car all in a Back to the future look! Nice

2. The armoured car has to be the HVY insurgent pickup, because better safe then sorry. You can dump proximity mines as a surprise for tailgaters. BOOM!

3. Obey 8F drafter because the sound, the looks, the speed and the handling, just perfect

4. The Overflod entity XXR, fast and stylish, what do you want more

5. Modified canis Mesa. The Merryweather car, looks cool doesn't it. A quite good off roader and a fine city car.

6. Progen Tyrus: the sound and looks are enough reasons to buy it for me.

7. lampatadi Komoda it has four doors, is fast and has really good looks.

8. Ubermacht Oracle XS a common car and I've always loved this BMW lookalike. It's quite fast, handling is fine and it is inconspicuous. You can find it anywere on the map. Look for the blue one.

9. Bf Bita. Yes @Mikulas Horvath, I love it, love it, thanks again. It's a beach buggy!!

10. ooh the last one. excited? It's the Blazer LifeGuard. A quad to make my current inner me happy.

I'm excited to read about your dream garages, share it in the comments!

I do apologyse for my English skills.

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