GTR Sets World Record In The Scariest Way

Would Have Been A Big Shame Had It Crashed In The End

4y ago

Smashing the world record for fastest R35 GT-R is like setting the world record for being the strongest gorilla. We know GT-Rs are fast but seeing the fastest version of a fast car is just mind boggling. The guys from Extreme Turbo Systems that built the same GT-R that tried to escape a dyno, just set an insane world record down the quarter mile at a lightning quick 222 mph with a time of 6.88 seconds.

The old record was not beaten once but twice. It required the ETS guys to crank up the boost on the powerplant to higher levels than they've ever previously ran. This caused the GT-R to loose traction ON 4TH GEAR, something that must have given the driver and every onlooker a slight heart arrhythmia/attack. Watch the record breaking run below and watch them break it again after the track warmed up:

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Comments (8)

  • Many poos, shot out.

      4 years ago
  • Oh wow. Extremely tough V6, really.

      4 years ago
  • Bet some poo came out

      4 years ago
  • awd wheelies

      4 years ago
  • Too much boost overpowering 4th?

    What causes over torturing? (Yes, feel free to answer)

      4 years ago