Guess the Corvette powered Supercar!

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Powered by an LS7, what car is this?

  • Arrinera Hussarya
  • Arash AF8
  • Zender Fact
  • Vaydor G37

Equipped with an LS3, what car is this?

  • Rezvani Beast
  • Exomotive Exo R
  • Lotus 340R
  • Drakan Spyder

Using a 6.2L LS3, what car is this?

  • Arrinera Hussarya
  • Lotus Evija
  • Arash AF10
  • Nio FX2

Powered by a twin-turbo LS7, what car is this?

  • Lightning Motors SV-C5
  • Falcon F7
  • Factory Five GTM
  • Shelby Series 1

Powered by a TT LS7, what is this Texas-built car?

  • Lotus Exige S
  • Hennessey Venom GT
  • Venom F5
  • SSC Tuatara

With an LT4 under the hood, what is this car?

  • Spyker C8 Preliator
  • VLF Force 1
  • Icona Vulcano
  • None of these answers

Powered by yet another LS7, what is this car?

  • Lingenfelter C6
  • Mazzanti Evantra
  • Zender Fact
  • Mosler G55

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