I like Tesla now! And yes you can lynch mob me but I don't care, for once my mind has been changed! Let me explain.

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Maybe it's the fact that it's October and I hate October so my expectations of life at the moment are not very high. But yesterday, I saw a Tesla. A grey Tesla, a Model S just like the one in the header for this article. But I was really impressed, followed by really confused. Impressed because the car was awesome. And confused because like many others, I thought I didn't like Tesla. But in my moment of mixed emotions, I made a stark discovery of just how much the media influences us without even realising.

The car industry in general appears to have taken a rather anti-Tesla stance. Whether it be the electric powertrain, the mouse looking design, or the mad list of major problems that accompany the latest products of Elon Musk. I feel like there are a lot of green-eyed monsters among us at the moment. And I'm not gonna name names, but I see a general link. Geographically, a pattern emerges in relation to Tesla enthusiasm. Culturally, the same thing happens again. But I feel confident in suggesting that a very common jealousy has arisen from the never-seen-before progress made the electric Americans in California. That being in sales, revenue, and even in originality of the product. Many of our favourite brands have been wiped out in the electric game by the Tesla image, which whether you like it or not, has frankly become strikingly recognisable between both car fanatics and car-couldn't-care-a-less people. Something which I haven't really seen done. Unless like Kia and Ford, you just stick the brand name on the front of your car. Cheeky.

The point is, Tesla have climbed the ranks very, very quickly in recent times, and have almost banished many of our beloved brands (which we are all very passionate about) to a background position in certain aspects. But now I have cleared my head I have decided to consider these cars for what they really are. Scrap the media. Scrap the anti this and pro that. Just me and the car.

Now saying this, I don't have what one would classify as 'extensive experience' with Tesla's cars. But I have had some, and I'm tryna work off that. So I'd like to address the good and bad that we have all become familiar with, but in my perspective, which tends to shake things up a bit. And usually as a side effect make some people angry but that's not my problem😁✌️.

The Cars:

I think we have struck gold with something here. The Model S is definetely a car I would consider a great find. But then we see the other models, and the slimline approach doesn't work quite so well. Let me point one thing out right now, slimline does not go with an SUV. It just doesn't. A roundy sort of flowing body will not look right on a high car. Which is what I find has the Model X looking a bit like a blob. And the Model 3 brings computer mouse to a new level. But I believe with that particular car it's more down to the abhorent front end. And now you are probably wondering why I started singing Tesla's praises to then tear shreds into their design team. And although I can't say I blame you, I have my reasons. I see a great level of potential for brilliant looking EVs in this range. We just aren't seeing them now. I think the Model S is an awesome car. Now keep the potential thing in mind, because I need to go back to complaining for a sec.

The cars being delivered at the moent simply will not do long term. Sales figures and stupid Cybertrucks are all well and good until you see the bad side. Build quality, atrocious. Price, dodgy. Reliability, touchy subject. Nevermind the fact that the industry has gone to war with them, the company have a tonne of work to get through if they want to fix their broken reputation and really innovate the future. But I would kindly invite anyone to tell me why any of the previously mentioned problems are unresolvable. Because they aren't. We just aren't there quite yet.

Actually now that we mentioned it, I should say I am not discussing the Cybertruck because I detest it more than I detest Eastern Europe (that's a joke btw please don't cancel me I've got nothing else). Nor am I discussing the Model Y because that is just as bad.

So before we end, let's recap on what I have just ranted aimlessly about. I might need to read back because I kind of just let myself go wild.

I like Tesla. They are cool. They have problems but they look cool and go fast, well they look cool on the outside at least. I forgot to talk interiors. We'll add that to the cons section for now. But again, the Model S isn't so bad there either.

Thanks for reading, hope you enjoyed my incessant whining about inferior topics.

Toodle Pip until next time.

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