Guess where the compression went

A brief update from the shop of cousin Anthony

10w ago

The Camry engine is back together and back in the car. #2 cylinder went from 0psi to 190psi. (196psi is spec). Rest of the cylinders are all above 180.

I'll hopefully have her running again today.

To install the timing chain, you have to compress and reset the tensioner which buried down the side of the engine. The tensioner Pretty ingenious. A little hook holds the tensioner plunger in. Turn the crank in reverse, then forward. Tensioner plunger pops right out.

The intake manifold rattled when I shook it. Hooked up shop air and blew out a chunk of the intake seat. Took the manifold and hosed it out with soap and water.

I cleaned the piston crowns up with a Dremel and a flapper wheel. Turned out really well, but I lost the photo when my phone died. The biggest pain was removing and reinstalling the power steering pump. Its really jammed back there.

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  • Did you locate all the remaining chunks of the seat?

    I'm still surprised at the diagnosis.

      2 months ago