Guess who's back!

No, it's not Shady. And no you're not alone in not knowing Berkeley even existed before their return to the industry.

Right if the quality of this article is EVEN LOWER than usual just know I was rushing to get this out before Welham and all the rest of them get to it. And if they do get to it don't tell me because my day hasn't been great already. My god I'm already wasting time.

So basically, it all started back in 1959, in a little place in England called Bedfordshire (which by the way is the best location on the entire Planet Earth because my dad's side of the family all live there) when some person presumably had a great idea and said something inspirational and did a thing in a shed probably, and bish bash bosh Berkeley Motors was a thing. Anyway they were a small British Roadster making manufacturer that most of you haven't heard of. Why you ask? Because they didn't even make five years. Which is sad because they were probably planning a little party in celebration I'd imagine. Short story even shorter, they lost some money and died in 1960. So no wonder they didn't exactly make the big history books.

However, low and behold, hark, alas, and whatever else I could possibly say to make this very content-lacking article any longer, today brings news that they have a sort of, return? I mean some people made investments sometime ago that apparently paid off but who really cares about that stuff. All you need to know is they're back and they bring with them some refreshed models. And some nostalgic pictures for the few Bedfordshire folk who actually do remember them from the 50s. I imagine no one does though, maybe old Lizzie the second over in Westminster does but then again she has been knocking about a fair while, bless her.

Now I know that if you have done any research at all on this brand, you will want to know are they bringing back the cars they very unsuitably named 'Twosome' and 'Foursome'. That or you are actually a bit mature. But sadly they aren't because I doubt many people would boast the claim of being the owner of a Berkeley Foursome. The good news though, is that a truly exceptional looking sports car is on the Horizon. And will revive the long lost soul of the old 'Bandit' model. A good looking car from the 50s made exceptional in 2020. Now we are given both the Bandit GT and the Bandit Roadster. One has a roof and one doesn't, so I'll leave the fun of figuring which is which to you. Take you time.

K time's up because you're gonna see in the pictures anyway. Here is the exceptionally cool Bandit GT in some pictures definetely not stolen from Top Gear........shoutout to them I guess.

It's like a Porsche but interesting......finally!

Now here is the Roadster.

The only thing that bothers me with that is the completely ridiculous bars that stick out behind the headrests, but sadly they do have a safety role to play so oh well, compromise.

Another interesting element is how well the old has been so well merged with the new here. Plant based materials make up great portions of the chassis of both models, and tech has been well implemented into them aswell. So it seems like a great situation that Berkely and their new funding saviours have going for them. This is all promised to cost between 40-60k, which I know is a broad range but sit tight and we will see on that one.

I for one am hugely excited to see this old British heritage back in action, and hopefully things run a bit smoother than last time round.

Anyway gotta go post this now so I hope you enjoyed reading and pleaseeeeeeeeee bump the post for my troubles.

PS: Sorry I didn't proof read but again I haven't got time and I never do anyway so this will be no exception.

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