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  • I think I’d pick something from Aston Martin. I first drove Route 66 in the 70’s when you drove on parts of original highway, and have completed the journey over 30 times. It’s really not about power, although there are times you are trying to eat miles quickly. Perhaps, comfort is more important as the trip is 2200 miles and mostly straight roads unless you do some exploring off the highway? Which I highly recommend. My favorite parts are in New Mexico and Arizona. Just outside of Flagstaff is a town called Williams, which is part of the old Route and was the last part to be bypassed by the new highway. Williams really embrace their history and I suggest some side trips to Seligman and Sedona while in Arizona. These trips have more curves and can be fun depending on the traffic. It’s definitely a great experience and don’t be afraid to leave the main road to explore things like the painted desert or the meteor crater. You’re only limited by your imagination. Get out and drive. This is the perfect time of year to do it as the kids are back in school and it’s not as hot.

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    • That really is one of the nicest replies on my polls. I'm gonna save this and probably even hit you up when I do end up on the highway.

      You're an absolute legend! Cheers

      11 days ago
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  • I have no automotive guilty pleasures. I feel guilty about nothing...

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