Gumball 3000 2016: Dublin

Gumball 3000 2016, Dublin, Merrion Square: Day one

By the time I arrived on day one, some of the grid was already waiting, the music was playing and the crowd was growing, and this was just parking the cars up!

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Watching the cars roll in one by one was great, I genuinely didn't know what would turn up next.

The Merc came in, then reversed out...

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And then Oliver Webb arrived in the BAC Mono, mind your ears.

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Shmee gave away a few shirts. (I got a selfie too.)

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Huge cheer for the boss.

Gumball 3000 2016, Dublin, Merrion Square: Day two

Tyre marks left by the Challenger SRT Hellcat

The rain threatened and I had no coat so thank god it wasn't a wet launch day!

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Wrong side of the road for The Hoff!

Watching every car leave the start line was awesome, I wish there were double the amount of cars. The noises, the variety, the burnouts, the NOISES!

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Some amazing cars including a Batmobile, the biggest surprise for me was the Gumpert Apollo, what an epic car, sadly it crashed the following day. I'm so glad I got to be a part of the Gumball experience and chuffed I got a t-shirt from the 650S as well. Wish I could be a part of more automotive experiences like this!

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  • Some great shots there and some great memories caught too. Nice to see myself and my photographer caught in some of them too.

    2 years ago
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  • Thanks, Jamie! I thoroughly enjoyed it.

    2 years ago


Do you think you're as good as the trio?