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Gumball 3000, the illegally street race turns 20 years

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Gumball 3000, the illegally street race turns 20 years

Photos: Timi from 4s-events

Gumball 3000 the mother of all illegal road races has been founded by the Englishman Maximillion Cooper. The first edition of Gumball 3000 in 1999 took the 120 participants from the start and finish point in London to Belgium, Germany, Austria, Italy and France. Despite the difficult fateful year 2007 with fatalities, Gumball 3000 celebrated its 20th anniversary this year. We sent Timi from 4s events to the kick-off event at Covent Garden and he did all the nice photo impressions. Thanks for that, Timi!

Fateful year for Gumball 3000

Photo: Timi from 4s-Events

In the fateful year of April 2007, more than 100 participants were arrested by the Dutch and German police, issued for speeding and their cars were taken out of service. Among them also the Lamborghini of the American rapper Xzibit, sponsored by Adidas. When the news of the first Gumball 3000 fatality was published in the press, many of the sponsors jumped off. It was said that one of the pilots had hit the oncoming lane in Macedonia with his Porsche 911 with more than 200 kph and had caused an accident with two fatalities. However, the bad reputation did not damage the image of the illegal rally and so Gumball 3000 can count every year prominent faces amongst the drivers. These include David Hasselhoff (2008), Tony Hawk (2010) and Lewis Hamilton (2015).

Kick-off event in Covent Garden

I take the green Ferrari, which one is your favorite? Photo - Timi of 4s-events

This year's the kick-off event took place at Covent Garden where the many extravagant, fashionable PS beasts, racing and vintage cars presented themselves in their illustrious car dresses to the curious audience. With a starting fee of 13,000 - 60,000 pounds sterling per person, they were of course placed in a specially reserved area under the watchful eyes of security staff.

Crazy car dresses - Photo by Timi from 4s-Events

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