Gunshots fired as Lewis Hamilton's staff ambushed leaving circuit in Brazil

1y ago


Lewis Hamilton tweeted on Saturday that his staff had been held at gunpoint while leaving the Interlagos circuit in Brazil.

It appears nobody was harmed in the incident, but Hamilton said the team was shaked after guns were held to heads, and shots were fired.

The news has sparked questions over the safety of the race in Brazil, where political and social tensions are high.

Many Brazilians are pointing the incident as being emblematic of wider problems in the country.

At present, it appears the race will go ahead as planned.

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Comments (32)
  • Thought the gun shot was Alonso shooting dead one of his two, half dead Honda horses?

    1 year ago
  • Unfortunately the inheritance of a 3rd world country. Fantastic circuit though. World wide this is now the way forward. Gang's ruling the world. All thanks to the NWO.

    1 year ago


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