Guy Asks His Brother Advice for Test Driving A Car - Gets Awesome Checklist

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Comments (6)

Bro gives amazing checklist for test driving a new car

When you're about to do something you haven't done before, you probably ask others for tips, right?

That's what imgur user VeganChubbers did when he was going to test drive a new car. He never expected his brother would send this awesomely detailed checklist.

The Checklist:

Things to do when test driving a car

It's better to have them watch you check it out.

Check that all the locks work, the windows operate smoothly, look under the hood for leaks, or any areas that look really clean.

Look at the rims for dents or scuffs. Look that the tires are wearing evenly.

Turn the key slowly and watch that all the warning lights work (this happens just before the starter engages)

Start the engine

Check that the gauges all work

Get out and listen to the engine with the hood open. Listen for knocks or loud ticks

Turn on the headlights and blinkers, walk around to see they all work

Check under the edges of the fenders and bottom inside edge of door for rust

Look for rust holes on the exhaust pipes, particularly around the converter

Test drive

Check the E brake function

Turn the wheel from lock to lock. Drive slowly in a parking lot with the wheel turned all the way in both directions, listen for clicks.

Get the car to 50-60 and brake quickly a couple of times, feel for any vibration while doing this

At speed 50ish, loosen your grip and see if it rides straight or pulls

That covers most of the basics

And of course, fluid checks

Oil - if it looks milky or sparkly, could indicate an issue

Transmission fluid - smell it, if it has a burnt odor, that is bad

Hard to check coolant when car is hot

What would you add to this checklist?


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Comments (6)
  • Pop the trunk lid, make sure ot operates with one pull. Also, if you are buying a Camaro, make sure there isn't a body still in there.

    1 year ago
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  • Tire tread depth and wear pattern, are tire brands/models same

    After test drive, let car idle 5-10 mins to check for overheating

    Check A/C and heat, cycling A/C on and off should change engine speed slightly

    Windows, locks, power seat, sunroof, wipers, vert top operation

    Check for spare tire condition, jacking tools, wheel locks

    Look under carpet in trunk for repair damage from accident

    Look under hood at fender bolts to see if they have been replaced/repaired

    Check for matching VIN tags (if available) on all panels

    Paint overspray on rubber

    1 year ago
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  • With the car parked after your test drive and everything is up to temp move the steering wheel from side to side several times listening for a high pitched whine. If you can hear it. Smell the power steering fluid.

    1 year ago
  • Check in door shuts for paint edges and check panel gaps

    1 year ago
  • From about 15 feet look for color consistency then up close reference a light source and look down sides of car to see if paint 'ripples' are consistent.

    1 year ago
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    • Also look for overspray on things that shouldn't be painted and if the car has pinstripes, look for any that look newer than the rest. Factory painted pinstripes are often replaced...

      Read more
      1 year ago


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