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Guy destroys the door of the Chevrolet Nova SS he had restored

When a carpet ruins several hours of work

6w ago

When you are a car enthusiast, you often pamper your own vehicle so that it is perfect in every situation. This is especially true when you buy a car for peanuts and then take care of restoring it. It is therefore natural that the slightest damage to such a vehicle can drive you crazy.

One person probably ripped his hair out after a very silly mistake. As the proud owner of a 1963 Chevrolet Nova SS, this man meticulously restored the American car for 14 years. One ordinary weekend was about to turn into a nightmare because of a simple floor mat.

While trying to install the carpet, the person inadvertently pushed the Nova's gear lever into neutral. The car then unsurprisingly began to back up and its right door slammed into a Dodge Ram 50. Another person, the owner's son, came to the rescue and stopped the car.

This was obviously not enough to calm the fury of the Nova's owner who had just seen several hours of work go up in smoke. You can hear him venting his anger at the end of the video. It seems logical that it was the hinges that took the most damage. We're also betting that the inside trim on the doors will have to be replaced.

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