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Guy dismantles his bumper each time he goes into his driveway

Not particularly practical...

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When you have a sports car, there are several extra precautions to take compared to a classic car. Obviously, you have to be careful about your speed so as not to arouse the suspicions of the police. And when the police is not present, there is another enemy to watch out for.

It is simply the road you are travelling on. Speed bumps and other manhole covers are real hazards that can endanger your lowered vehicle. Some motorists, however, don't want to fall into the SUV craze and want to keep their car at all costs.

These people are willing to make major compromises that could prove embarrassing for most people. This is the case of the owner of this Hyundai Accent in the Philippines. To avoid scraping the chassis of his car, the man uses great means and decides to dismantle the front bumper!

A radical solution that allows him to get in and out of his driveway without any trouble or stress. The answer to the problem is therefore particularly effective but not very practical, especially when you're in a hurry. So be sure to properly reattach the bumper before you leave!


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