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Guy hits the road with its slightly overloaded Honda Accord

That is one dangerous balancing act!

5w ago

Overloaded vehicles are unfortunately common during the holiday season. Filled to the brim, they are real rolling dangers for all road users. Their mechanical components are not designed to transport such loads safely.

In spite of the obvious risk, some people prefer to brave the danger because renting a van or a truck would be much more expensive. This is the case of this Honda Accord driver, which seems to be slightly overloaded too, as you can see in the following video. The person has indeed accomplished the feat of loading everything that was important to him.

The performance is remarkable because the Japanese coupe is clearly not the most suitable vehicle for the task. Its owner therefore managed like a master to tie everything up. There are many straps that are fastened at the front and rear bumpers and inside the wheel arches.

The balance of the load is almost miraculous. In fact, the overload is such that you can hear the underbody scraping the road. Considering the negative wheel camber, we don't even think about the condition of the suspensions and shock absorbers after this trip. Don't try this at home, of course, nor on the road, obviously.

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