Guy Martin's 'Project 300'

Guy is taking part in another loony project

13w ago


Everyone's favourite unhinged northern truck fitter is at it again, this time with a turbocharged Suzuki Hayabusa streamliner that's set to hit 300mph.

As part of a project for Practical Sportsbikes Magazine (Channel 4 deemed it too dangerous for television) Guy builds a Hayabusa streamliner. In the video below you can see the massive speed difference between Michael Rutter on one of the fastest race bikes out there, the 230 horsepower Honda RC213V-S. Top-speed motorcycle record attempts have been notoriously lethal in the last few years.

Guy's Hayabusa may not be much of a looker, but it goes into absolute warp drive. Gearing is apparently set for 312mph and in the one-mile run Guy could only use for throttle for one second. ONE SECOND! (taking 17 seconds to complete the mile) The run in the below video was a relatively sedate 275mph...

All of the facts and figures can be read in next month's Practical Sportsbikes Magazine

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